Two handbooks presenting the AFE Activists training concept, approach and methods have been published. 2020.JUL.15 (EN)

AFE Handbooks released

The project partners have developed two handbooks to raise awareness of the importance of age-friendly environments (AFE) and to develop civic competences in older people so that they become more involved in shaping the built and the social environments in terms of age-friendliness.

AFE Advocacy Handbook First page

The AFE Advocacy Handbook presents the in-class training structure, the training approach and delivery methods and provides numerous training tools to enhance the perception of age-friendliness and to build skills necessary for participation, co-production and influencing the decision making.

AFE Experience Handbook First page

The AFE Experience Handbook presents a study visit as a learning method. The handbook contains a description of study visits to age-friendly cities The Hague and Udine attended by selected participants of the AFE Activists training courses delivered by partner organisations. The Handbook can be used as a repository of good AFE practices and as and as a non-formal education resource for older adults.

Open license terms and conditions apply to both publications.