Project’s success story published on AGE Platform’s Website. 2020.MAY.13 (EN)

The predecessor of the AFE-Activists project, Mobility Scouts, was selected as a success story by AGE Platform Europe, associated partner of the project. See the article published on AGE Platform Europe.

The partners of the AFE-Activists project continue working on the delivery of further success stories to promote and foster age-friendly environments.

In Vienna the group was able to achieve that a banister would be built at the stairs leading to the bathing area in Danube Island.

In Hanau AFE activists realised the idea of the older persons’ opinion survey that came up in Mobility Scouts project.

They continue to raise awareness on physical limitations of older age consumers and established a cooperation between SPAR Academy, where future employees of a supermarket chain are trained, and private persons who provide GERT – a Gerontological Ageing Simulation Suit. The idea is to use GERT suits in the training of future shop assistants at SPAR Academy.

In Kaunas Nordic walking practice will be complemented by neighbourhood walk-ability audit.

In Rome experts were involved to train older persons to protect themselves against cheating and not to fall into the traps of debts and loans.