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We all know that people live longer and extend their lives as citizens, community members, and consumers in different domains. What are the implications for city planners and developers, social and health-care providers, public institutions and private companies?
People adapt to physical and physiological ageing effect as they grow old, but do cities and organisations, be they public institutions or private companies, understand these effects and have reflected on their implications in all aspects?
The overall objective of the Age-friendly Environments Activists project is to support and train older adults who want to: 
– promote and foster age-friendly environments in their cities and communities and
– to influence municipal agencies in their decision making
, so that the infrastructures and services are adapted to the diverse capacities, realities, needs and preferences of all residents of all ages.



The project involves partner organisations in five European countries.



Motivational and inspirational outcomes that foster activism on age-friendly environments.
Good practices
To motivate the future AFE Activists, project partners have developed a

Compendium of Good Practices of Advocacy in Age-friendly Environments.

Explains the background and recent developments in the area of age-friendly environments

Presents 15 initiatives identified in EU countries

Describes these in a standard form

Training and study visits

In addition to in-class training, self-study, and project based learning, the non-formal training programme will include inspirational blended mobilities organised in age-friendly cities such as The Hague (the Netherlands) and Udine (Italy).

5 countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Lithuania and The Netherlands

AFE Advocacy Handbook: Covering the training curriculum and local activities, experiences gained in learning mobilities and interesting local activities realised by AFE-Activists.

AFE Experience Handbook: Raising awareness of age-friendly environments, presenting good practice examples and showcasing age-friendly cities as skills gaining destination for AFE-Activists.


News & Events

These are our latest news and events:
Fourth workshop in Transvaal 2019.NOV.13 (EN+NL)
Fourth workshop in Transvaal 2019.NOV.13 (EN+NL)

EnglishNederlands ENGLISH Putting the participants’ interests into action was the topic of the final of four advocacy trainings at the Community Center in Transvaal this past Wedn…

Third workshop in Transvaal 2019.OCT.23 (EN+NL)
Third workshop in Transvaal 2019.OCT.23 (EN+NL)

EnglishNederlands ENGLISH Seniors gained new knowledge and skills in taking on their key issues in the third advocacy workshop that took place last Wednesday, 23rd of October. …

Inspiring study visit Age-friendly City The Hague (NL)
Inspiring study visit Age-friendly City The Hague (NL)

From 7-11 October 2019, in the frame of the Erasmus+ AFE-Activists project, a delegation of 13 older people from Lithuania, Italy, Germany and Austria visited the city of The Hague in The Netherl…

Second workshop in Transvaal 2019.OCT.09 (NL+EN)
Second workshop in Transvaal 2019.OCT.09 (NL+EN)

EnglishNederlands NEDERLANDS Na de grandioze ontvangst door vrijwilligster Bep en de mensen van Shanti Transvaal in de ochtend van 9 oktober, vond ’s middags  de tw…

First workshop in Transvaal 2019.SEP.18 (EN+NL)
First workshop in Transvaal 2019.SEP.18 (EN+NL)

EnglishNederlands ENGLISH Last Wednesday, September 18, 2019, older residents of the diverse Transvaal neighborhood in The Hague participated in the first in a series of worksho…



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